Weeknote 381 - 382

March 11th to 24th

The carpenter has delivered new shelves this week. They divide the middle part of the studio into two sections, but they are mounted on casters, so we can easily move them around and keep the space flexible.

It'll be interesting to see how that will influence the structure and atmosphere of the room. Because of the wood glue, the olfactory impression was as prominent as the visual. I'm not sure if the emissions made us high, dizzy or tired.

Either way I couldn't detect a change – positive or negative – in our productivity. We've been busy as usual with Puichon and Conuma. For the latter Michael developed a nifty sketch of a tool that semi-automates the production of teasers (if you aren't fluent in marketing-lingo: a combination of image and text that should animate the user to click). That lead to some thoughts and discussions about "rule-based art direction", a really fascinating topic that seems to come back to us again and again.

Here's a few more things I remember: We had some talks about new project opportunities. Interesting. We interviewed some applicants. Promising. Michael made a chocolate-beetroot cake for my birthday. Mouth-watering.

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