Weeknote 371

Dezember 31st to January 6th

Happy new year!

2013 started with some long overdue housekeeping here at the precious HQ. We equipped the new kitchen, cleaned the place and cleared the heap of moving boxes in the middle of the floor. Where there was chaos are now two empty desks, waiting for new team members (if you want to be one of them, let us know).

For the rest of the week we've been busy with a two-day client workshop. Since we were so enthusiastic about our new kitchen, we decided to do the catering for our guest ourselves. We baked three loafs of artisan bread, two banana breads, one Hefezopf and a batch of healthy energy bars. We made vegetarian and vegan lasagnas for lunch on the first day and an arabic spiced lentil-soup, a tofu curry salad and white bean fig salad for day two. Yummy.

Although it was strenuous, we really liked taking care of our guests. It encouraged us to do more workshops, gatherings or other events. And it reminded me of a quote from Charles Eames:

"The role of the designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host, all of whose energy goes into trying to anticipate the needs of his guests."

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