Weeknote 369

December 17th to 23rd

The last week of 2012. On Friday we closed up shop for the holidays and will return in January. At least that's what we told our clients. We'll probably use these quiet days to ready our studio space for 2013.

But before enjoying some time off, we continued working on Puichon in full speed. We are still doing everything in parallel: phone, web, tablet. It's all coming together beautifully. We do something for the mobile app and it will influence the web version, and when we make new layouts for the web, ideas are adapted for the tablet... it's a luxury to work like this, but it pays off.

Unfortunately this was also Sean's last week at precious. Because of some bureaucratic regulations he couldn't get a work permit as a precious employee, but he was able to find another place to work, so he can stay in Hamburg. It's sad to loose him, since he is not only a talented and very diligent designer, but also a great guy who brightens up every room he enters. We hope he will drop by our office from time to time to challenge David on the Xbox and share some meals with us (you can always lure Sean with food). Goodbye Sean, we wish you all the best!

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