Weeknote 368

December 10th to 16th

Not that much interesting things to report on the project front, so I keep it short: David (with a little guidance from Christophe, who still enjoys a well-deserved time off) worked on a new sub-project of Wasatch, an bigger ongoing project. Sean and I were busy with Puichon.

On Wednesday and Thursday, Michael, Christophe and I sat down together for a couple of hours to talk about strategic matters. Our company's principles, the type of projects we want to work on, what skills we need in our team, how we find the talent we are looking for… these sort of things.

We could have talked much longer about those topics (and soon we will), but we had to stop, because our christmas party was about to start. We rang in the evening by watching "Future by Design", a documentary about "futurist" Jaques Fresco. The movie stirred quite a lot of discussion, but our intellectual endeavors were soon replaced by a short, yet intense session of Kinect Sports. Afterwards we feasted at La Monella. Delizioso!

Talking about food and cooking: the construction of our kitchen finally started. It'll be a huge update of the studio space once we can make lunch ourselves and don't have wash our dishes in the bathroom sink. Smaller but nevertheless significant upgrades this week included a new storage shelf and a custom-made side-table that completes our "comfy corner". The side tables/wood cubes were crafted by Hartmut Jansen and we couldn't be happier with the result. Our meeting room also received some attention. Michael started to sand and paint an entire wall with whiteboard paint.

It took longer than we expected, but i'm positive that we will have completed most of our initial ideas for the interior by the end of the year. On the whole everything is coming together quite nicely. I will take some pictures as soon as our studio doesn't look like a construction site.

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