Weeknote 366 - 367

November 26th to December 9th

"Buttons", was the word most used in our weekly review on Friday. After a phase of developing a visual language and a few exemplary layouts for the web interface of Puichon, the developers are anxious to implement the design. So we had to switch modes from exploration to specification. One part of that were buttons. Different types, styles and states had to be designed. Rules for their usage, their behavior and there relation had to be put in writing.

Apart from taking care of general studio business, Michael with the help of Sean and David, did some updates for the Tocotronic website. The band released some appetizers for the new album. Check it out.

Christophe is on paternity leave for the rest of the month. He is now the proud and happy father of a healthy, cute (as a button) son. Wonderful!

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