Weeknote 364

November 12th to 18th

A lot has happened in the last 8 weeks. Here's a quick recap:

It took us longer than we wanted, but finally there has been some progress in furnishing our new office space. There is still a mountain of boxes in the middle of the room, but it became more homey week after week. We bought some shelves (which still have to be filled), more chairs and an awesome sofa. We also gave our meeting room an upgrade with some thick linen curtains and an elegant lamp.

Although we haven't hardly tapped its full potential yet, the space seems to make people comfortable. We had a client workshop with 12 people – something we couldn't have done in our old office – and it was a really relaxed, but productive atmosphere. It's great to have that much space, and we've got a lot of ideas to use it (besides playing with the Xbox Kinect without hitting a lamp or bumping our elbows against the wall).

And then there is Sean. Energetic, positive and cheerful with occasional outburst of spontaneous dancing. He came all the way from Seattle to work with and we are happy to have him around.

Back to #364: This week, everybody except Michael was somehow involved with Puichon, a monster of a project that kept us busy since July. I don't think we have ever been involved in something this complex and massive in scale. It calls for utmost discipline and it often gets strenuous, but it's an experience we wouldn't want to miss. There aren't many projects where you have the chance to iterate so much, doing a single screen layout over and over again – ten, twenty, sometimes thirty times – until you are sure that this is best solution you could come up with.

Michael did some performance improvements for the Snoqualmie prototype. It's still not sure if this product will ever see the light of the day. We hope it will, because we put a lot of energy in it and we are really proud of the result. We keep our fingers crossed.

Together with David, Michael also did some minor updates and fixes for the Tocotronic website. As the owner of a shiny new MacBook Pro with retina display, David made sure that the website is ready for a resolution-independent future.

We still enjoy the manifold culinary offerings around our new home, but since cooking together has been a very important element of the studio culture, we are happy that the construction of the kitchen finally started this week. I expect to report about our first homemade meals in week #366.

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