Weeknote 356

September 17th to 21st

As tradition demands, I'm going to take over the weeknotes (or biweekly notes) while Johannes is travelling the US of A.

Although I spent several days alone in our huge and unfinished new studio space this week, I actually didn't feel lonesome: the lovely old lady from our favorite corner shop now greets me when I pass by! I think we're arriving in the neighbourhood – all in all, we feel very well and cordially received in our backyard.

I was supposed to fly to Mexico tomorrow (to visit my sister who lives there) but had to postpone the trip to February next year for several reasons. So I'm looking forward to be among more people again starting next week. There's still a lot to do for the new space, but we made a lot of decisions within the past days and can make some real progress withing the next couple of weeks I think.

I'm currently preparing a blog post that sort of rounds up our Multiscreen Patterns. Our presentation on Slideshare has crossed 100.000 views this month and there were so many exciting things that happened around them. I'm also preparing some new and evolved talks so I think it's a good time to resume a bit.

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