Weeknote 354 - 355

September 3rd to 16th

I'm awfully behind with the weeknotes. To catch up, here's the recap of 354 and 355 combined. Again… if it continues that way, we should call it biweekly-notes.

Two projects we've been working on in the last months have been released: version 1.0 of the new Financial Times Deutschland mobile website and - as preciously mentioned – the cover of PAGE magazine.

Since a lot of projects we have done lately either haven't seen the light of day (yet), are for internal use or otherwise not meant for the public, it's good to see something published. With our design work, we want to reach as many people as possible, so having our cover at newsstands all over the country and the new FTD.de website on the mobile phones of many German-speaking businessmen, is a great reward for all the effort we put in those projects.

I haven't mentioned the projects we are working on right now in the last weeknotes, but not because we have a cushy job – au contraire! Puichon is really challenging – a highly complex product, a very demanding client and an extremely agile process. But we're not allowed to talk much about this project so it's not the best subject for these weeknotes. Same goes for Wasatch, a project we started about 4 weeks ago. This project brought a new face to the studio: Peter, who is freelancing for the client and is now using one of the new desks we ordered recently.

This is something we love about our new place (among a lot of other things): the ability to invite other people to work with us. Finally we have enough room to add people to the team – be it temporarily or permanently.

Speaking of enough room: it got pretty empty in our spacious new office. Michael was touring France in an old VW van and David enjoyed the warm climate of the canaries.

I'm typing these words about 7500 km away from the precious headquarters. My desk will be empty for the next 4 weeks. Maybe this blog will too.

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