Weeknote 352

August 20th to 26th

Boxes everywhere.

We packed up all the things we don't need for the next few days until moving to our new studio. Turned our we needed twice as much boxes as we anticipated, although there are mountains of stuff that we will sell, give away or discard. It's always flabbergasting how much things amass over the years.

It took us the whole weekend to pack up, but not just because it's a lot of stuff. Several detours down memory lane caused serious delays. We dug up ancient-looking devices – state-of-the art just a few years ago, useless electronic waste today. Signs of our fast-chaning industry.

We also retrieved faded scribbles from projects we already had forgotten about. Like a folder with 400+ pages of wireframes specifications for a community website. Back then we raised our concerns about the necessity of such a document, but did it anyway when the client insisted. Today we would politely dismiss. We now have a much clearer idea about how we can deliver good work and be effective. We are also more self-confident to say no (still, that's something we need to get better at).

We also paid a short visit to our new place. The construction of The Box is almost done. The birch wood panels are mounted to the front side and we are quite happy about how it turned out.

We are counting down the hours…

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