Weeknote 350 - 351

August 6th to 17th

There's so much going on right now that would be perfect topics for weeknote musings. But because so much is going on, it's hard to find the time and energy to write about it – I feel like I can't even fully process what's happening, let alone reflect it. Maybe I'll will share some thoughts once I'll have to chance to take a step back and look back at these crazy times (my yearly mini-sabbatical in September/October comes to mind).

So what is it that keeps us in overdrive? First, projects: Puichon, which I mentioned in the last weeknote, is taking up most of our capacities. The pace is very fast and the workload seems to be endless. Every screen we design asks for 5 more. Additionally, Christophe started consulting for a big company, collaborating with the internal UX-team and the corporate design department. Michael began working on a new subproject for Snoqualmie and I took care of a small follow-up project for Kootenay. We also did some supervising for Snohomish, making sure that as much as possible gets implemented the way we designed it.

Then there is the new office. The construction work has started, "the box" – which will mainly serve as a meeting room – is already erected (jump to the end of this post to see some pictures). If all goes as planned, we'll sit under our new roof (ceiling height up to 10 meters!) even before the 1st of September.

At least as exciting as moving to a new place was forming a new company. precious is now officially a "Gesellschaft für Design mbh i.G." (a limited-liabilty company in the course of incorporation). But more importantly: Michael joined as a new partner.

As you maybe can imagine, there are a million things – big and small – on my mind. There's so much to say about adding a new partner, moving to the first "real" office or the very diverse mix of projects we are working on. But I'm missing the peace of mind to sort out these thoughts.

The Box in the making. Front side will be covered with birch multiplex panels.
Bathrooms on the left, kitchen will be on the right.
The studio is located in the backyard of an old factory site. Our rooms are on the first floor (where the open windows are)

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