Weeknote 348 - 349

July 23rd to August 3rd

These weeknotes are keep getting delayed more and more. To catch up, here's a two-in-one.

Since our return from California, David, Christophe and I have spent most of our time on Puichon, the project we started in Palo Alto (hence the code name). All of our computers are suffering from complex iPad-Retina-sized Photoshop layouts. We researched Photoshop optimizations, discussed switching to Fireworks and thought about adding SSD drives to ease the pain.

Michael wasn't involved much with client projects so he did some basic research and little experiments. Since we had to deal with resolution independent graphics in some projects lately, he dug a little deeper. His findings will come pretty handy for us in the future, I'm sure. Since we love to share, Michael released an experimental tool that might be interesting to some web developers out there. Let us know what you think. Feedback is always appreciated.

In other news: we signed a lease for a new office space. We've been in negotiations with the realtor/land lord for a couple of weeks and we finally agreed on all the specifics. The place is awesome and gives us the opportunity to offer more inhouse workshops or other small events, to add more people to the team and create a flexible, adequate and comfortable workplace. Turning this 200 m² hall of a former machine factory into a great studio is a challenge, but we are all thrilled about it. We'll post some pictures soon.

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