Weeknote 347

July 16th to 22nd

Week 347 has been pretty intense, at least for Christophe and me. It started with a 17 hour journey (including a unscheduled stopover in Iceland) to Palo Alto, California. A new client flew us in to kick off a new project.

I meant to write something about our trip for the last 10 days. There are a lot of thoughts in my head about the city and about the way we worked there, but I haven't found the peace to write them down. And it doesn't look like it would happen anytime soon. So instead I show you some photos of our workplaces and a list of restaurants we visited during our one-week stay in the Valley.

Nice surprise: the walls of our hotel room were covered with dry erase paint!
Sketching session at a café.
We also worked two days in a windowless conference room...
... which was made up by this beautiful scenery on our last working day


Here's a list of restaurants and cafés we been to. Either we were extremely lucky, or the quality of food is very, very high in Palo Alto. If you visit the area, be sure to eat out a lot.

University Cafe, Palo Alto We went there on the first night. We liked the place, the food was alright, but we soon realized that downtown Palo Alto has lots of better options.

Oren's Hummus, Palo Alto Amazing Israeli restaurant. Hummus heaven.

Fraiche Yoghurt, Palo Alto Frozen Yoghurt, yummy.

La Boulange Bakery, Palo Alto Nice place, one of the pictures above was shot there.

Lyfe Kitchen, Palo Alto Lots of options for vegetarians/vegans. The flatbread was good.

Palo Alto Creamery Fountain and Grill This place looks great, has a good vibe and the milkshakes and pies are supposed to be delicious. Unfortunately the veggie burger we had wasn't.

La Strada, Palo Alto The pizza was very good, but the chocolate soufflé we had for dessert was crazy. Sometimes I still daydream about it after lunch.

Sumo, Los Altos If you are there, try the walnut-avocado maki. So good!

The Posh Bagel, Los Altos Good Bagels for a quick lunch.

Mission Cheese, San Francisco We aimed for Tartine, but the queue was to long. So we ended up at Mission Cheese, which was a worthy alternative.

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