Weeknote 344

June 25th to 29th

A chapter in the young history of this company is coming to an end.

Christophe and I started precious in our joint apartment. Two small desks facing each other, that was our first "office". With the birth of Christophe's daughter, we moved out. Then my new apartment served as our workplace. After a while it was more like living in the office than working from home, so I moved out. My bedroom became the meeting room (after being "the dump" for too long in between), but the feeling of an apartment never really vanished. When visiting us for the first time, some clients actually asked if they should take off their shoes.

This week, after six years, we terminated the lease.

Although I liked the place and have so many good memories about it, I'm happy to move on. It's time for something new, something more "studio-like". A place we can shape and adapt more to our needs. A space that gives us room to grow and evolve.

But before planning the new office, we have some other projects to finish. Both Snoqualmie and Snohomish are in their very last stages of the initial design phase. We will still supervise the projects during production, but our main job is done. At least for now.

We did everything to ensure a smooth transition from concept and design to production – building prototypes as a blueprint, consulting on the software architecture, holding workshops with the developers – but it always feels a bit uneasy to give up control. It'll take another few month until these products will be released. A lot can happen in that time. We keep our fingers crossed.

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