Weeknote 343

June 18th to 22th

It's Wednesday, I'm really late with the weeknote. No time for musings, straight to the report:

Snohomish is making great progress. Christophe had some fun with SASS, designing directly in HTML/CSS and pushing them live to half a dozen different devices which are neatly lined up on his desk. Our wifi-network is screaming silently. David was also working on some visual aspects and layouts for Snohomish. He also has another small project on his hands, which doesn't have a code name yet. But it's already finished, so it doesn't need one.

Michael made some final fixes to the templates we developed for Snoqualmie and I cranked out some of the remaining layouts we haven't checked off from our long to-do list yet. We're still not done, but very close.

Well, that was a pretty boring weeknote. Almost as boring as Spain vs. France. The next one will be more interesting, I promise.

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