Weeknote 342

June 11th to 15th

A very focused and concentrated week at the precious headquarters, because we have tight roadmaps for both Snoqualmie and Snohomish. The similar code names aren't by chance: same client, same brand, different products, different business models. Same but different – something we discussed this week. How similar should the user experience of those products be? How should the visual design differ?

Snoqualmie is on our minds for half a year now and we are almost done with our part. At least for the time being. We hope to finish our work by the end of the month. I churned out a healthy chunk of layouts, which was really satisfying. It's been a while since I spent that many sessions a week in Photoshop. Michael has already done his share last week, so he could enjoy some Sno-less days in Bavaria.

Snohomish is just starting, but we also aim to have a working prototype and most visual designs done within the month. Christophe and David both concentrated on the design, while Jan worked on the technical side of things.

To keep us busy after those two projects and the European Football Championship, we had two interesting meetings with a new, prospective client. From what we've seen, it's going to be an amazing product which aims to disrupt an entire industry. But nothing has been decided yet, so I leave it at that.

Christophe also spent a day in Berlin, talking about mobile and multiscreen at an Art Directors Club seminar.

We sent out more posters to friends, partners and clients. I wonder how much end up on a wall like this one. Do you want one? Tell us in the comments where you would hang it and we'll draw a winner next week, who will receive one of the last copies.

This weeknote is 304 words long, and it’s got 7 comments for now.

  • Javier Lopez

    Next to the bathroom door
  • Max

    Next to the desk, above my bicycle.
  • Rebecca

    I´d love to hang it next to my drawing table. :)
  • Sarah Keane

    The kitchen.
  • Christoph

    in my bedroom
  • Max

    Right above my desk, next to the book shelf.
  • Johannes Schardt

    OK, everybody wins. We still got enough posters left. Congratulations!