Weeknote 341

June 4th to 8th

A quick one.

Philipp was at the studio for three days, working with Christophe on a small, new project for Ucluelet. Michael and I finished a sub-project of Snoqualmie – we cranked out lots of templates and an accompanying documentation.

Snohomish is a new mobile project we started this week with a two-day workshop. Christophe, David and Jan, a super-talented freelance developer and overall nice guy, are mainly working on it.

So much for the projects. What else?

We checked out more offices. Now that we decided to move, I'm even more tired of our current space.

David's internship is over, but he seemed to like it here and we definitely like him and his work, so he stays with us. Contracts were signed with blood. Unforntunately we didn't have time to celebrate it yet. Maybe a football match we all watch together will serve as an inauguration party. Speaking of football, I have to go...

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