Weeknote 339

May 21th to 25th

In the last months we thought a lot about how we want to evolve. We set the course for new directions, aiming for the next level in the life of this little company. It was a slow process. We didn't want to rush it.

This week, however, felt a bit like shifting the gears and stomping on the gas pedal. Hard.

It was a week of discussions and decisions that will have far-reaching consequences. The outside world will probably just recognize it as a logical progression (if at all), but for us, these are huge steps that trigger some soul-searching.

As if this wasn't enough, we are also looking for a new studio space. We checked out 4 offices this week. One we liked a lot. But it's quite big and would require some serious investment. I guess we never spent more than € 3000 at once – buying new computers or licenses for software was the biggest expenses we had so far. Our place slowly grew from apartment to office within 6 years. We added a new table here, new chairs there, we furnished the meeting room when the money was at hand. Moving to a new studio space – especially the one we liked – means doing all this and much more in one fell swoop.

I love the idea of a fresh start in a new place. I'm enthusiastic about designing a studio from scratch. I get excited when thinking about the interior, tinkering with the floorplan and composing moodboards.

But it also frightens me a little. More than I thought it would. Maybe this week was a bit too much.

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