Weeknote 337

May 7th to 11th

re:publica is over, but it's still resonating in our heads. It took at least two days to flip the switch and focus on new endeavors. Which are plentiful.

Over the last weeks we kept a list of "things to take care of once re:publica is over" and it grew to a considerable length. The items on this list range from banal things like ordering a vegetable box subscription (check), finding a house cleaning service (check) and setting up a better file-server/backup system (in progress) to more complex issues like how we want to organize and structure the company.

precious started as a two man team, Christophe and me. But since quite some time there are others involved and they have a tremendous influence on the studio. Some of the finest interface design work you see in our portfolio was done by Philipp. Projects like the analog twitterwall wouldn't have been possible without Michael. And even David, although he is just with us for a few months as an intern, is leaving his marks.

These people are more than freelancers or exchangeable staff. Not only are they shaping our output, but also our processes and culture. They are precious.

How can we reflect this evolution internally? How should we communicate it to the outside world? These are some of the questions that are on my mind right now.

It would be great to take a break from project work to get these issues sorted out, but that's not going to happen. Snoqualmie is entering a final project phase and needs our attention. Michael has almost finished programming a tool that we'll use to build layouts. It'll allow us to work with real, dynamic content, preview it on different devices and output HTML/CSS files. Christophe prepared a workshop for a new project with an old client. David took some well-deserved vacation. Philipp and I edited a little documentation video for the analog twitterwall. We hope to finish it next week.

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