Weeknote 335

April 23rd to 28th

One week to re:publica. There were new, even bigger catastrophes to deal with. Some things got changed last minute and it was out of our hands to fix them. We tried hard and eked out a compromise, though it's still far from what was planned. The whole situation was quite frustrating and exasperating, but – and here comes the part I'm really happy about and a little proud of – we didn't loose our flow. We turned this nuisance into good vibes. Everybody is still motivated, concentrated and focused. Go, team, go!

Philipp spent the whole week in Hamburg with the rest of us. He and David worked on the video trailer and other moving images for the conference.

Michael focused on an installation we will be doing. Like last year, it uses the data from Twitter, but it will be completely different.

When not dealing with aforementioned catastrophes, Christophe was visiting the copy shop on a daily basis (remember the paper I mentioned last week?)

Our friends jung + wenig were busy as well with re:publica. They sent off the daily program flyers to the printer and prepared a 14 x 3 meter layout.

I tried not to get sucked too much into the whole re:publica thing. Snoqualmie needed my attention more, so I did a few new layouts and met with the client. I also wrote proposals, invoices and a long list of things we should do once re:publica is over (we won't be bored).

Somehow, between all these bigger projects, we launched a little website for recording artist Der König tanzt.

While I'm typing this, Michael is still busy coding, Philipp is back in Berlin finetuning the videos, David is visiting the SEE conference in sunny Wiesbaden and Christophe is doing a talk/workshop at Good School.

Tomorrow we'll pack up and set up our office at the Station in Berlin for week 336. ACT!ON

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