Weeknote 334

April 16th to 20th

Everybody in the studio wears headphones these days. Except Christophe whose right ear seems to conjoined with the phone. Which is the reasons for the headphones.

re:publica is a beast of a project. Every time you think you got it under control, something unexpected happens. Christophe is dealing with all the minor catastrophes, while the rest of us concentrates on the huge pile of work to be done. Sometimes, despite the headphones, we hear (or sense?) expressions of anger or despair from him. That's when we leave our sonic cocoon to soothe him and try to find ways to put out the fires.

But as nerve-wracking as it is, we still look very much forward to the conference. There are still a few tickets left, so if you are still pondering about going there you better buy one now. We'll be there for all three days, so if you want to meet with us, please get in contact.

We deal with a lot of paper at the moment. For a studio whose main focus are digital products, we amass lots of it, way more than just the usual notebooks, scribbling papers and post-its. The key piece of our work for re:publica is about bringing the digital space into the physical – via paper. And in another major project it's the other way around - we are working on a digital counterpart of a printed matter. Our walls and floors are covering up with prints, plans, samples, newspapers.

Philipp is the only one who is not (yet) sucked into re:publica. He was in Berlin working on a project that hasn't a code name yet. It's purely digital. No paper involved.

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