Weeknote 332 - 333

April 2nd to 15th

After a challenging finish for project Clayoquot, the next deadline is looming over our heads: May 2nd, the opening of the re:publica conference. Actually there are about 20 deadlines before that. Every day there is something which has to be handed over to printers, websites that have to go online or material that has to be ordered so it'll arrive in time for the event. Everybody in the studio is now involved in re:publica, some more, some less. Christophe is on the phone all the time while Davis is churning out everything from T-shirt designs to mobile websites. We also got our friends jung+wenig on board to help us with the printed materials.

All together we visited the location. Christophe and I have been there before, but all the others have only seen blueprints and photos so far. We warned them, we told them it's big. But I think they still were all awe-struck by the enormous size of the place. I also have no idea how it all will turn out in the end. If you aren't used to work with huge spaces like this, it's hard to imagine how it can be transformed.

Another project that's going full speed after a few weeks of shifting down a little is Snoqualmie. Michael and I are mainly involved, but also Philipp spent a few days polishing some designs and lent us a fresh pair of eyes and gave some really good input.

The further in we are in this project, the more we realize how complex it is. We are working on automated layouts (which don't look generic) that fit to the viewport (no scrolling) of a different number of devices. Buzzwords: Rule-based art direction, responsive webdesign, device agnosticism. As far as I know what we are trying to achieve has never done before. And sometimes we think there might be a reason for this. But we are still confident that we can crack it.

As you can imagine, there's a lot of work to do right now, so I keep the rest of this weeknote short:

Philipp finished a small interface design job which has been on hold for a few weeks. The client was happy and ordered more. Hooray.

David design and Michael coded a little website for a music artist. It'll go live in a few days, I guess.

We met and started working with a start-up from the HackFwd program.

I'll end this post with a reading tip: Mike Monteiro's book "Design is a job" is out now and I enjoyed reading it. It wasn't an eye-opener and I didn't learn much new. It was more like someone was writing down what we think and (try to) practice at precious. Which is a nice affirmation and serves as a good reminder of sticking with our principles. Oh, and it's written in a very entertaining way, including repeated typeface bashing and other design jokes. Another plus: it's one of the few ebooks which doesn't suck. An actual human being with the proper skills thought about how to present the content on a digital reading device. How about that, dear book publishers of the world!?

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