Weeknote 330 - 331

March 19th to 30th

While I was about 9000 km away from the studio, everybody else was too busy to take over the weeknote duties. So what happened in these two weeks? Here's what I gathered from various reports:

It was crunch time for Clayoquot. The films we produced had to be presented to the client's board of directors at the end of the month. I've been told that it was straining, but in the end all the different pieces – animation, voiceover, sound design, interface animations – came together quite wonderful. Everybody was happy with the end results.

There wasn't that much action at project Snoqualmie, because not only I was gone, but also the clients project manager. However, Michael met potential technical partners and worked on a tool, that will allow us to ditch Photoshop and do the layouts directly in HTML/CSS.

David worked on various re:publica related things and layouts for a new artist website.

That's all I know. There wasn't much time to look back, because there's so much ahead of us.

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