Weeknote 329

March 12th to 16th

A quick weeknote, as I'm going on holidays tomorrow and haven't packed yet.

Philipp was in Hamburg for a couple of days, which is always a pleasure for the whole team. Working remotely is OK, but having such a kind and talented chap around is much, much better. He mainly worked on Clayoquot, pulling magic stunts in After Effects under extreme time pressure. Back in Berlin he finished Ucluelet in order to be reading for more Clayoquot action next week.

David produced some print ads for re:publica and made first sketches for a new project, a website for the artist Der König tanzt (member of the band Fettes Brot). Then his gums swelled badly. With antibiotics and pain killers he returned to his desk on Friday. He deserves a medal.

Another medal goes to Michael, who did some pretty awesome stuff for Snoqualmie. The prototype we are building made a giant leap forward. Still all this coding didn't seem to challenge him enough. Channeling Don Draper, he came up with some new forms of digital advertising. If you are selling chainsaws or automobiles, please contact us.

Christophe was still busy with Clayoquot. One of the videos we produce for this project was presented to the company's CEO. It was the first time that animation, narration, music and sound, interface design and video footage came together. Still rough, but very powerful. Everyone was happy.

The interfaces shown in the films underwent many iterations. Christophe and Philipp played some serious Photoshop tennis, resulting in handy filenames like "new approach 5 raster C Test 3chph4chph3 longer 4 ph2 ch.psd".

On Thursday, Christophe went to Berlin to give a little talk at Nokia and returned with a shiny new phone.

I shot video footage for Clayoquot, worked a little with Michael on Snoqualmie and tried to think of everything that had to be communicated, delegated or done before I leave.

One thing I didn't delegate: the next two weeknotes. Guys, it's your's for the taking.

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