Weeknote 328

March 5th to 9th

Christophe's talk at Build 0.9
The Box in the making. Front side will be covered with birch multiplex panels.

I'm writing this on the train back from Berlin, where Christophe and I spent the last days at Build 0.9, an event by pre-seed fund HackFwd. We've been invited to give a little talk and do short workshop sessions with some of the start-ups in their roster.

My head is still spinning from the amount of information. There were lots of talks and product presentations, plus we met a ton of people. Very interesting people: from young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs to extremely talented geeks to very experienced, super-smart, mentor-type guys. A great mix of remarkable people, all in one place.

Days like these provoke questions that are in our head for some years now: Should we develop our own product? Should we reduce or ditch client work, to do our own thing?

We are a bit ambivalent on this. Yes, we definitely want to build our own product (not sure yet what it should be). No, we probably don't want to go the typical start-up route.

Although we really love to work with VC-funded start-ups, I can't picture us being one ourselves. While the thought of working exclusively on our own thing is tempting, the thought of relying on money from others and dealing with investors, is dauting (I think HackFwd has an interesting approach to make this more bearable, but still…).

I hope that we will soon find a way to work on something alongside our client projects.

Talking of client projects: Christophe and Philipp have been busy with Clayoquot. David did a lot of re:publica related work. Michael and I concentrated on Snoqualmie. Pretty much like the week before.

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