Weeknote 327

February 27th to March 4th

I'm very late with last week's note. The pages in my little to-do book are crowded. Most tasks don't even make it in there, because things are happening too fast. Focussing on the important (not the urgent) stuff is easy in theory, but so much harder in day-to-day operations.

Nevertheless we said more often no than yes. This week, we had to decline a few project inquiries, although they sounded promising. It's always hurts to turn down a client when everything seems to fit – except for the timing. But then I have to remind myself that saying no to one thing is saying yes to a lot of other things.

And a lot of those are cooking up right now at the precious labs, with a few more in the pipeline.

Clayoquot is still keeping us very busy. Christophe is orchestrating the project. A lot of different parties are involved: a freelance sound designer, an animator, voice actors, as well as the client, who is closely working with us. Philipp crafted beautiful interfaces, which will star in the videos we began to shoot this week.

David churned out ads and website layouts for re:publica.

Michael and I continued working on Snoqualmie. A first prototype is now ready to be tested.

Back to the important things.

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