Weeknote 326

February 20th to 26th

All projects we are currently working on are larger and extensive ones (at least for us), so this week was not much different to the last. Christophe was writing stories, briefing animators, researching voice actors and inquiring sound designers for Clayoquot. On Sunday he drove to Cologne to give a talk at the film academy.

David worked on website layouts and print ads for re:publica. We also presented our concept for what we want to do at the location during the three-day conference. We like the German term "Inszenierung", borrowed from the world of theater, to describe what we are doing. It includes branding, interior design, projections, installation and even performance (well, kind of).

Michael and I refined an interaction sketch for Snoqualmie. Until now, only we and the client's project team used it. Soon we are going to test it with people who've seen it for the first time. We are very curious about the feedback we'll receive.

Also: responding to new project inquiries, writing proposals, planning resources for the next three months.

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  • Keneth Barlip

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