Weeknote 325

February 13th to 18th

I usually don't work on weekends, but right now I'm enjoying the peacefulness of a Saturday afternoon alone in the office. With quiet sounds trickling from the speakers (Brian Eno, Clint Mansell, Alva Noto/Sakamoto), I finally got to do something I wasn't able to do for the past few days: spending some quality time in Photoshop. No distractions or other things to take care of. Just focussing on layouts for Snoqualmie.

I spent the rest of the week in meetings (project-related and new business), on the phone or in front of other people's screen – talking about the work they had done, while I haven't moved much pixels myself. When I was on my computer I mostly wrote emails or took care of administrative stuff.

I'm not complaining. We want precious to evolve, and with it our roles change. I'm excited about those new challenges, but it means I have to accept that I will spend less time doing actual design work. At least at this stage.

For the first five years we kept precious intentionally small. Although we always envisioned precious as a company, we started more like a freelance duo. Then we decided to shift gear. And since a couple of months, things are speeding up. Projects are getting bigger and there are more and more inquiries. I could spend all day with sales, finding new talent and managing the studio. The questions I'm asking myself a lot these days: how fast should we go? At which point do we over-rev the engine? Or on a practical level: how many projects can we handle and which do we want to commit do?

All the other precious folks where busy too. David is helping out in pretty much all projects, with focus on Snoqualmie this week. Michael was working on Snoqualmie as well, transferring static layouts to an interactive prototype. He's also developing a grid-based css layout-editor, so we can quickly build templates, test them with real contents and simulate how they look on different devices. Awesome! Michael also spoke at a conference on Friday. The title of his talk was "Microwork, Humans and Algorithms" and unfortunately I missed it. Another thing he ticked off his to-do list: writing the concept for the re:publica event. Now we are hoping that our ideas will be approved. We are really looking forward to this one.

Christophe was totally absorbed with Clayoquot this week. When the project started, the scope wasn't clearly defined. The deadline, however, was. Now that we agreed with the client about the outcome, there is still a lot of work to be done within a tight schedule.

At our eastern outpost, Philipp started a new project ("Ucluelet"). It's about enhancing and challenging the visual language of a well-defined product with a very distinctive look. This sentence probably doesn't make much sense without context, but we're not allowed to talk about it.

We can, however, finally talk a bit about Comox, a project which was mentioned in many weeknotes last year. But I save that for another post. Stay tuned.

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