Weeknote 319

January 2nd to 7th, 2012

Some people asked where the code names we use in our weeknotes come from. Okanogan, Comox, Wenatchee, Ecola, Yakima, Osoyoos, Sequim, Kootenay – these are all names of places in the Pacific Northwest, most of them with Native American origin. I stayed in or passed these places during two wonderful road trips and I thought that the mystical vibes of these names make perfect cryptonyms.

But I'm slowly running out of names. Which means a) I should go on another trip and b) we might need a new nomenclature soon (any suggestions?).

There are a few more names on my list, though. Let me introduce: Enumclaw and Clayoquot, two new projects we started this week.

Philipp and David took care of the former, splitting work between macro and micro levels and creating complex photoshop documents together. The name Enumclaw means "thundering noise" and let me tell you this much: I didn't pick this name randomly (it also translates to "place of evil spirits", which – on the other hand – is definitely not a reference to the client).

Christophe and I had a kickoff meeting for Clayoquot. The name derives from a first nation band and means "changing", which also fits perfectly. It's a strategic project where our job is to bring a product vision to life.

Christophe also spent a day off-site with the Wapato team, while I took care of some accounting stuff.

Michael was working hard on this aviation skills. Every now and then the humming sound of a remote controlled helicopter could be heard through the doors of his room.

The vibes are good. So good, I almost forgot that we lost a couple of thousand Euro this week. But that's a story I can't talk about right now.

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