Weeknote 314

November 26th to December 2nd


This week was special. No longer it is just Michael, Christophe and me regularly populating the office – David began his internship. +1 Hooray!

There wasn't time to acclimatize for him, because we had an internal hackday scheduled on Monday. To prepare for a workshop with a new client, we all locked ourselves in our project room and developed some interaction sketches. After a joint breakfast, we did a little brainstorming and scribbled some ideas on paper. Before the pizzas arrived, David, Christophe and I had already churned out rough layouts, while Michael did his usual magic tricks. In the evening we could try various user flows on our iPads and check out how different approaches feel like. It was fun and very productive. We should do it more often.

The rest of the week: Christophe took care of some re:publica stuff and resumed work on Wapato, Philipp designed for Osoyoos, Michael coded for Listgeeks and his new pet project, Milan build some nice and tidy HTML/CSS/JS for Kootenay and I worked on it as well, while David proofed that we picked the right one as our first intern.

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