Weeknote 310/311

October 29th to November 11th

Again a two-in-one weeknote. These days are so busy that we have to nix some things. A weeknote here and there is an easy sacrifice. The decision to cancel our appearance at the Brand Perfect Tour in London, however, was way more difficult. [Addendum from Christophe: we also wanted to attend MobXCon in Berlin really badly, but couldn't make it – the program was amazing and it surely was a great opportunity to meet a lot of the mobile/multiscreen players; the the feedback on Twitter sounds amazing! And speaking of cancelling: I was really lucky and honored to be awarded a scholarship for MEX, taking place in London in two weeks but had to call it off as well due to our current schedules.]

Christophe and I have been out of the office quite often in the last two weeks. This becomes evident by an increased numbers of issues of the local yellow press paper MoPo on our kitchen table. Every time Michael is alone in the office, he buys the paper to keep himself entertained during lunch break. Which makes me wonder if our chats at the kitchen table are that dull. Wouldn't an adequate surrogate for our stimulating conversations rather be Lettre or Du?

We've been a lot with clients in Berlin and Hamburg and also made some new acquaintances. In Munich, we met the studio directors of a design firm to talk about possible collaborations. Although this company is pretty big and acknowledged, we were surprised how open and unpretentious they are (too often we experienced the opposite with advertising or digital agencies). We've had a good talk about design processes and philosophies and returned to Hamburg happy.

When in the office, we mainly worked on Kootenay. After a three months break we also resumed project Comox, which seems to keep us busy for the weeks to come. Philipp came to Hamburg to present the first results of our work for Osoyoos to the client.

Back to work.

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