Weeknote 313

November 19th to 25th

Good School / Station Berlin

The little gram on the top right was captured on Wednesday, when we first visited the location where next year's re:publica will take place. The picture doesn't show, but believe me: this place is enormous. Our walk-through started in a huge hall, which was, as it turned out, one of the smaller ones. With every room we entered it got bigger and bigger. We were flabbergasted. It'll be a challenge to create a comfortable experience for the conference attendees, but we are psyched to be part of the team.

Already very cozy: The rooms at the Good School (photo on the left), where we held a one-day workshop on design for iPads/tablets with a team from an advertising agency.

Apart from these out-of-office engagements we sat busily in front of our computers. Christophe preparped the website launch for re:publica 12. Philipp worked on various aspects of Comox and I was churning out infographics for Kootenay, a web app for a big publishing house.

We are trying to finalize some current projects as fast as possible, because there are a few interesting opportunities on the horizon. Onwards!

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