Weeknote 307

October 8th to 14th

Again, my calendar software was filled with little, colored dots this week. Most of them were red, which means something related to precious. Christophe and I had three lunch meetings with partners and (prospective) clients. We also spent quite some time on the telephone. A lot of talking, but unfortunately not enough time for doing. I guess that's part of the deal when you are trying to lift a design studio to the next level. It's a period of change and we need to learn how to cope with that (lesson one: say "no" more often).

But it wasn't all talking this week. We also started working on first ideas for the re:publica conference. I can't reveal the topic for next years conference yet, but if I would, the subheadline for this weeknote should be "oh irony".

Enough with the writing and talking.

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