Weeknote 304

September 19th to 23rd

This was another week of new business meetings and being on the road in general. The bad thing about this: I can't really go into detail here yet. And I didn't really have much time to talk to Michael, who's back from his three weeks trip to the US. Welcome back, Michael!

On Monday and Tuesday, Philipp did some more Ecola tweaks in Berlin.

As mentioned last week, I spent two days in the UX Lab for Wapato. As always, it was very exciting and insightful to listen to random people talk about their everyday usage of digital devices and to observe them touching and "using" very early prototypes you designed. We gathered a lot of interesting findings and impressions and the results are currently being processed. The good news is that all in all, our drafts worked out pretty well and we already had ideas during the interviews how to approach some of the weak parts of the prototype.

Philipp arrived in Hamburg again on Thursday, spending the rest of the week here. We finally took the time together to reflect and discuss a few things and work a bit on some long overdue internal projects. We'll have a new detailed PDF portfolio soon!

On Friday evening, we used the great weather and made some detours around St. Pauli to see Apparat and his band play live at Übel & Gefährlich. After listening to his great new record a lot during the last few days, the show was a great cumulation. And I was really happy to finally meet Sascha again after a really long time, just in time before he hopped in the bus back to Berlin (and soon leaving for an extended tour).

We always avoid predicting the future and offering simple answers or universal strategies to actually sophisticated or complex questions. All the more I felt confirmed when reading the headline There is No Future Proof on Luke Wroblewski's website. Some days ago, he gathered in the woods with some of the smartest and much acclaimed people of the mobile industry to discuss the current state and future of designing products for connected digital devices.

They came up with some sort of manifesto called Future Friendly. It's basically the formulation of a mindset and starting point. Since I couldn't agree more, I'd like to quote it here, but please make sure to read the thinking that's behind it and check out the resources they're recommending (our Multiscreen Patterns are part of this list and we feel downright honored about that – thank you).

Here are the three Future Friendly principles everybody in the business should take to heart:

1. Acknowledge and embrace unpredictability. 2. Think and behave in a future-friendly way. 3. Help others do the same.

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