Weeknote 302

September 5th to 9th

As Johannes already mentioned last week, I'm taking over the weeknotes for the next four weeks. I decided to make my debut a bit early, since I'm also leaving for a long weekend trip to a North Sea island tomorrow.

This week started very exciting: Native instruments announced iMaschine, a product we've been working on with them for quite some time. It's always a good and refreshing feeling when these kinds of secrets are being revealed. We're now looking forward to the release on October 1st and how it's going to be perceived by users.

I headed to Berlin on Monday morning to talk about the brief for a new project: Yakima. We then worked on first ideas and drafts during the last three days in Hamburg. Philipp was here the whole week, making himself familiar with the city (and the rain).

I also worked on first drafts for Sequim, the sequel to another project we did this year. It will be revealed very soon, so i'll get back to it next week. Apart from that I emailed back and forth about potential new business, and I actually had the best most and longest phone calls ever since weeks*; it seems we'll be quite busy during the rest of 2011.

We're going to do another series of talks and workshops around Patterns for Multiscreen Strategies later this year. One will be another 2 days workshop at Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd in October. We enjoyed it a lot last time, so we're looking forward to be there again soon!

Here's something else I had in mind this week: It must be quite exhausting to work with us sometimes. On the other hand, if it wouldn't be, we would do something really wrong – good and successful results assumed.

* Just a sidenote: whenever I'm writing something superlative, I'm thinking of Amen, and sometimes even feel influenced by the way it engineers language. I'm beta testing it since quite some time and I have fallen in love with it already, mainly addicted to its text input interface. I have an invite left, let me know if you're interested in giving it a try.

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