Weeknote 300

August 20th to 26th

Round numbers somehow make you look at the past. It's been 300 weeks since we officially opened the studio. A lot happened, but nothing drastic. It was more like a steady evolution.

I have a strong feeling that next 30 weeks will bring more change than the last 300. I like to think of these 300 weeks as our warm-up. A period in which we did the groundwork. Now we are ready for a new era. If you want to be part of it, let us know.

The last days have been pretty slow and quiet. Philipp is still in Cologne. Michael came only to clear the decks and say goodbye (he's off for holiday). Christophe worked on Wapato, but also spent two days in Berlin (seeing one of our all-time favorite bands in concert). I did the usual admin stuff and website updates for Tocotronic. The rest of the week I spend watching tutorials on shooting and editing video.

And that, my dear reader, was 300.

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