Weeknote 299

August 13th to 19th

"Where do you want to put all these people?", our office mate Henning asked me, when he saw the job openings we posted this week. Honestly, we haven't thought about that yet.

We don't expect to find three people who are a perfect match within the next few weeks. If we can fill one position by the end of the year, we're happy.

We don't have to grow. There aren't any clients demanding more manpower or a broader set of skills from us. There are often more project inquiries than we can want to handle, but it's always good to cherry-pick. We also don't have to grow to increase our profits. There are other knobs we can twiddle more easily to achieve that.

We are hiring because we want to build a great team. We want to gather talented, motivated and interesting people, who complement and enrich each other. We want precious to be a fertile soil for ideas, an environment that fosters execution and a fun place to work. With such a team, we want to create new products and services.

If we really find three perfect fits, the hassle of looking for a new space and moving our office is definitely worth it.


Soooo… what else happened in 299? Christophe is still working closely with different members of the client's in-house team on Wapato. They are still occupying our meeting room.

Michael only came to the office for lunch (and hacking a Canon Ixus camera), because he had three theater performances this week. Christophe and I went to the premiere, which was a lot of fun.

Philipp is still with Audiotool, commuting between Cologne and Berlin.

Besides writing the job postings and updating our website (we finally added two new projects to our work section), I explored some new visual directions for Ecola.

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