Weeknote 298

August 6th to 12th

Like last week, I'm alone again. Christophe is at a client meeting, Philipp is in Cologne, working with the Audiotool team. Henning, who sublets a desk at our office, is in town (which doesn't happen that often), but not around right now. Michael paid a brief visit to the office as well this morning. When he left, he amused the rest of us by wearing bright blue sport shorts. The sudden transformation from iOS developer to theater performer has left its marks. If you are in Hamburg next week, go see him dance!

Christophe was busy with Wapato this week. He worked closely with two ladies from the client's design team. Together they wallpapered our meeting room with ideas.

I did some designs for Ecola and felt pretty productive. I blame it on the Pomodoro. It's a productivity method to "enhance focus and concentration" (exactly what I need!). I wanted to try it for quite some time, so I installed this little app and started. So far it feels very good. It's easy to learn and the effects are immediately noticeable. Give it a try if you feel too distracted at work.

One more thing that motivated me this week: our decision to pick up where we left with RSVP last year. When we did the first lecture with Peter Kirn, we planned to do a series of similar evenings. But although the feedback was great and despite having a lot of fun doing it, we didn't pursue it. Now we do! Expect some new classes later this year. If you are expert at something and interested in giving a workshop or lecture, please let us know.

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