Weeknote 297

July 30th to August 5th

It's Friday afternoon, I'm alone in the office. A Spotify playlist is filling the room with eclectic sounds. Apart from that – and the muted noise from the traffic outside – it's wonderfully quiet. A perfect setting to recap the last days.

Christophe was busy with Wapato, shuttling between the client's office and our place. The project is in an ideation phase. Everything goes (well, almost). We produced a wall full of sketches and scribbles.

Philipp was working on the visual design for Ecola. Once again, it showed, that it makes sense to not invest too much time into wireframes without working on the visual aspects. We started this project with developing wireframes, but we quickly verified them in actual designs. Doing so, we encountered some problems with the original concept. Problems that weren't apparent from looking at the wireframes, but became obvious once we saw different drafts of a visual design. But since we are still in a early stage of the project, we can now easily make necessary adjustments.

These adjustments will be my job next week, as I took over the main duties on Ecola. I also supported Christophe on Wapato, by looking at it with a fresh pair of eyes. Because he and the client's inhouse team are already deeply involved in the project, I came to the table as an "outsider", trying to serve as a sounding board for their ideas and provide some new impulses.

With Philipp in Berlin and Christophe at client meetings, some things became a bit chaotic this week. We realized that we need a centralized place to store information about our projects. The mailbox and our brains are not sufficient, especially when we are not all in the same room. So we looked for some solutions. Kickoff seems like a good idea, but it didn't work properly when we tested it. So for now, we are back to good old Basecamp. I'm not psyched about this, because my experience is that it takes a lot of discipline to keep a project alive. I've seen quite a few people using Basecamp, and usually they start using the tool very eagerly. But after a few days, fatigue sets in and projects become abandoned. Basecamp is well done, it does its job, but it's a bit drab and lacks the little details that make the difference between a good and a great application. So if you have some tips for project management tools or workflows, I'll be glad to hear about it.

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