Weeknote 296

July 23th to 29th

Philipp came by this week to bring us some good news. But before we make it official, we need to take care of a few things. These things have been primarily on my mind this week. Exciting!

Christophe's brain was mainly occupied with Wapato, a new project. As usual, it's NDA'ed, so we can't reveal much yet. A first kickoff-workshop with the client took place today and went well.

Philipp stayed in Hamburg for a few days to finish Okanogan. We sent off the last batch of designs and guidelines, so our client's engineer can finish a beta version of the software, which will be tested soon. Back in Berlin, Philipp started to work on Ecola. We already developed some wireframes and basic conceptual ideas for this application a few weeks ago, now we got green light to dive into the visual design.

Right now, Michael is working on his last lines of code for Comox. The rest of the team will have to do without him for at least 6 weeks, because he's starting to work on a theatre project from Monday on, followed by some traveling.

I was busy with some organizational stuff, like today's drudgingly quarterly book-keeping session. There was at least a bit of creative work as well: a few hours photoshopping for Twisp and some brainstorming with Christophe for Wapato.

We also did a bit of long overdue decluttering this week. We amassed so much cardboard and paper, that we had to walk to the recycling bin twice! As a result, the corner to my right feels unfamiliar empty. What should we put there?

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