Weeknote 295

July 16th to 22th

I'm a bit late with last week's roundup. With a lot of different stuff on our plate, it's a bit hard to remember what happened a few days ago. I should force myself to write these posts on Fridays, when the memories are still fresh.

Last weekend, when I said to my wife that I have to write another weeknote (which i didn't), she asked, if anybody is reading them. I know that some do, but that's not the point. These notes are first and foremost written to organize our thoughts on the studio. To take a few minutes at the end of each week and reflect on the previous days. So why is it public? Well, if it wasn't, I would probably skip it more often. I wouldn't feel as guilty as I did this morning, before starting to type these words.

So, what happened last week? Christophe was traveling south to meet a new (old) prospective client. All went well and we are now thinking about if and how we are going to do this project. We also got another inquiry from a client we've been already working with. Christophe had a first telephone conference with them on Friday (I need to come up with new project code names soon). Project Ecola is also going to enter the next phase. Christophe talked to them about further steps.

With so much new stuff in the pipeline, Philipp was busy with checking off the remaining to-dos for Okanogan, so we can finalize the project soon.

Michael is still knee-deep in iOS development. His builds for Comox get better and better and better.

I was working on Twisp, spending a day with the team at their office, and doing some more drafts at the precious HQ. In the evenings, I worked on a little fun project at home. weave magazine asked us for a visualization of our design process, and looking at how everybody else was doing it, we decided on a different approach. Here is it:

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