Weeknote 293

July 2nd to 8th

Inbox zeroed, invoices paid, timesheet updated, desk cleaned. 293 is coming to an end.

Two projects kept us busy. Christophe and Philipp spent the first half of the week doing interface drafts for Comox, while I prepared a kickoff-workshop for a new client (project codename: Twisp).

The workshop was good. Together with the team we came up with some promising ideas to optimize their service. We're looking forward working on this.

Yesterday Christophe, Michael and I went to Berlin for a meeting with the growing Comox team. There are now more than a dozen people, spread out between Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, involved the project. Feels good being in a room with so many smart and talented people. Not good: the paint fumes in their new office, combined with hot and humid weather. Also not cool: being stuck in the train back to Hamburg for 3 hours.

One question became obvious this week: where are the woman in the start-up scene? There were about 20 men in those two workshops, but not a single woman. Not good. Product development shouldn't be a boys club.

While I'm typing these words, Christophe is giving a talk at an ADC seminar in Berlin. But for me it's Feierabend as soon as this post is uploaded.

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