Weeknote 292

June 25th to July 1st

As most business owners, I constantly think about our little company – what are our goals, how can we reach them, what can we do better... but although I ask myself dozens of questions all the time, it always helps, if they come from other people, if you have to verbalize an answer that another person can understand.

In the last weeks, we met a lot of new acquaintances, gave a few interviews and attented discussion panels. All this talking about precious helped me a great deal to get a better idea of ourselves. It got me thinking even more, but often from slightly new perspectives. No revelations, but lots of reminders.

Like this week. In an interview about our design process, the questions was asked: what's your favorite part in that process?

For me it is the very beginning of a research phase. When you dive into worlds that you haven't thought about before. The phase in a project where you learn tons of new stuff. Like how things are done in a trade, how people behave in certain situations or how technology works. You're overwhelmed with new information at first, but then you discover universal patterns. This is one of the main reasons I like this job so much. It constantly satisfies my curiosity and keeps me challenged.

Therefore it's important for us to chose new projects that are different from the ones we already did – unfamiliar industry sectors, new devices/technologies or niche target audiences. Right now this works beautifully, but how can we keep up the quality of inquiries from clients? What can we do to even broaden their scope?

Other thoughts on my mind: work space. Everytime I see a nice office (like the Hi-Res NY studio we've visited last week), I get more and more tired of our place. Some decluttering and reorganizing would certainly help, but still it's far from perfect. There's just no room for a "distraction zone" (a sofa would already do) and I would also love to have some more "studio atmosphere". Our office is a typical Hamburg Altbau apartment, pretty similar to the one I lived in before and the one I live in now. Maybe that's why I would like to have something different. These are good rooms to call a home, but not ideal for a work place. But our design studio is evolving, so who knows if we have to find something new anyway.

Enough thinking out loud. Here's what's new on the project front: Christophe and I continued with Comox. While Michael worked on behaviors and animations during the last weeks, we didn't have much to do. But as we learned this week in a meeting with the client, the project scope has shifted and now there is a Herculean task waiting for us. This alone could keep us busy for months, I guess.

But we also won over another new client this week. A start-up, again, but they are not in stealth mode like Comox. They already released their product successfully and we are helping them now to improve it. I'm not sure yet if I'm allowed to mention it by name, so I only say so much: it's a service centered around mobile applications and there are automobiles involved.

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