Weeknote 290

June 11th to 17th

Some days are crazy. Thursday was one of them. For a day, we felt like the most important design studio on the planet. First, the organizers from the Brand Perfect Tour invited us to New York. We did two sessions at the Hamburg event on Tuesday and they seem to like it enough to ask us, if we could do the same workshop in New York. Then, while checking flights, a start-up company with a very cool product called, interested in our services. Another call was about an interview inquiry for a design magazine. And it didn't stop there, because we got an email with a request for another seminar at the HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd. My head is still buzzing... in a good way.

Christophe and I spent the rest of the week with preparing and giving workshops, meeting a prospective client, gathering material for a magazine feature, writing a case study for a book, organizing our spontaneous trip to New York and rescheduling all the meetings we had planned for next week.

Michael is still exploring friction and gravity on his new iPad, with daily builds that get better and better.

That's it. An eventful week. Looking forward to the next.

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  • martin

    thanks for the workshop in hamburg though. while giving all this workshops, do you find any time to actually work on projects? ;)
  • Johannes Schardt

    i don't know how, but it all works out :) i hope you enjoyed the workshop.