Weeknote 289

June 4th to 10th

They boys are back in town. Philipp came back this week from his bike trip and Christophe just arrived safely at HAM.

Michael was doing some spatial math for Comox. Every evening, he writes a project daynote and deploys a new version of an prototype. It already feels quite smooth and elastic.

Regarding the design, Comox and Ecola are still on pause, so I was able to take on a spontaneous job inquiry from our friends at listgeeks. I made proposals for various interface tweaks, which will go live in the next few weeks, when Michael finds time to implement them.

Because Christophe wasn't here this week, Michael and I used the opportunity to cook something we usually aren't allowed to in the office: gnocchi and green asparagus with gorgonzola sauce and fresh tomatoes. Why? Well, here's a list with food Christophe despises (this list is not exhaustive).

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