Weeknote 285 and 286

May 7th to 20th

Last weekend I had something very special to do, which prevented me from writing the regular weeknote. So now you'll get two for the price of one.

Today, we completed a first project phase for Comox. It felt good to gather all the ideas that survived and all the designs that were approved, and put them in a PDF. The result of roughly four weeks of intense thinking and arguing on 132 pages. Time to take a deeeeeep breath.

When not busy with Comox, Christophe worked on wireframes for Ecola. Our client presented them to his client and they were green-lighted. That means, Ecola will probably keep us busy in the coming weeks as well.

Christophe was also involved in Okanogan, with Philipp doing most of the visual design. They made good progress. First layouts and specifications are already handed over to the client's software engineer.

Last week, Michael and I wrote and visualized a concept for a contest submission. Filling out the necessary forms was a drag, but the photo shooting was fun. Hopefully we will win a little extra money to bring this idea to life. We will know more at the end of June.

On Wednesday Michael and I did an interview about the re:publica visualization. Talking about it, I realized again what a fun, albeit stressful, project this was. I'm still very happy about what we achieved.

Today I made some minor updates for two older projects, sent out some invoices, emptied my inbox and wrote this weeknote – typical friday afternoon activity.

After hitting the publish button, I will clean my desk and leave the office. This was week 286.

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