Weeknote 282

April 16th to 22nd

After a strenuous week in Berlin, there was not much time for recharging. Now that re:publica is over, we have to switch our focus to other things that have been in the pipeline.

When we entered our office on Monday, we where a bit shocked about the mess we left behind, before going to Berlin. Piles of print-outs, unopened letters and other neglected paperwork on and around our desks, pizza boxes, monitors, cables all over the floor. But there wasn't much time for spring cleaning and bureaucracy.

Christophe and I went to a new business meeting and wrote a proposal for another interesting project. The rest of the week was filled with scribbling, wireframing and discussing ideas for Comox, a project which has been at the back of our minds for a few weeks, but is now gaining traction. Our client is a fresh, fast growing start-up with bold goals and a lot of pace. So after crossing the re:publica finish line, we continue in full-speed.

I didn't see much of Michael this week, since most of the time one of us was out of the office, but as far as I know, he is working on a time-lapse visualization of the re:publica Twitter stream. Hopefully we can show it to you next week. So long.

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