Weeknote 279

March 26th to April 1st, 2011

With the conference nearing, we're pretty busy with various re:publica related stuff. After finishing the coding for Wenatchee in the first half of the week, Michael has now set up a few monitors on his desk, trying to simulate a 12 x 4 meter projection. He's working on the technical foundation of the visualization for the re:publica main stage. We are all really excited about this.

My week was dominated by designing all kinds of printed matter for re:publica – banners, folders, signage. I really enjoy doing some print production jobs from time to time. If you work mostly on digital projects, concepts or strategies, it's great to have some tangible results, something you can put in a drawer or hang on the wall.

That's why we also made a little promotional postcard for precious. I sent off the files to the printer this morning and it should arrive in time for the re:publica conference, where it'll be distributed.

Christophe was out of the office this week, enjoying some time with his family in Southern Germany and Philipp was working on Mazama at home in Berlin. And since Henning, the photographer we are sharing the office with, was gone too, Michael and I had the studio for ourselves. We took advantage of that by having a daily post-lunch Kinect session. Photo-proof after the break.

Two skinny guys playing Kinect

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  • Martin Jordan

    Love the card! Great transition between the analogue process and digital outcome. Looks to me like it's exactly telling what you’re doing. And seems like PAQT needs a Kinetic update for its XBox, too … :)