Random note 1

April 2nd, 2014

I was always thinking about extending our ’week notes’ with some sort of ’random notes’. A place for sudden reflection, fresh thoughts and unformed ideas. Things too big for a tweet, stuff you would write down in ’Evernote’ or ’Day One’ and would then keep buried for the next couple of years …

And then I saw the time stamp of our last weeknote some days ago. Which reinforced this idea, so here’s a first musing – I hope my colleagues will join me soon! This note was tenderly handcrafted while riding my bike back from work:

I believe every single human being on this planet is creative. On varying levels and we work with different materials. So once there’s a ’creative department’ within an organization, chances are something went or will go wrong.

To design and build great things, we need to collaborate. Like really, and intensely. Everyone involved in the process can have a field of expertise, but we all need a high level of curiosity and empathy for everything else (well, almost everything).

We need ’positive friction' aka constructive debate. That's why it is so important to bring together people with different personalities, capabilities and backgrounds. An enjoyable and balanced atmosphere is essential, but permanent snuggling doesn't help nobody. Avoiding debate means standstill.

We need more makers than managers. Everybody should have a 'maker mindset', although the current main responsibility might be management tasks. Too much management will only produce more management (just like most long meetings create more problems rather than solutions). The best managers are makers at heart.

It’s 16 degrees Celsius in Hamburg today and I'm having an Aperol Spritz.

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