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precious design studio helps innovators to shape meaningful products and services that people love to interact with.

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Join us as a Product Designer (UI)!

Product Designer (UI) w/m

This is a fulltime job at senior level.

About precious design studio

precious is a small, owner-operated design studio. We help innovators to shape meaningful products and services. We are also developing our own design tools.

In the past 12 years, we worked for a variety of clients, from rock bands to major global brands. One long-term client is enfore (since 2012), which operated in stealth mode for quite some time. When it was ready to prepare its launch in 2017, we focussed all our efforts on enfore related projects.

enfore’s mission is to help small businesses survive and thrive in the digital age by providing affordable hardware, powerful software and comprehensive services. It empowers your local coffee shop to accept mobile orders and payments, improves the workflows of your favourite restaurant and gives the fashion boutique easy tools to sell online.

As a designer at precious, you will be part of leveling the playing field for small companies and help them to start, run and grow their business.

Your Responsibilities

As an Interaction & Product Designer, you design apps for small businesses and help enhance and expand the underlying enfore platform. Since we are a small team and in the early stages of creating enfore products, you are involved from first sketches to final visual specifications.

Apart from the UI for the merchants, you will also design the flows and interfaces for the end customers, from digital (websites, customer displays, Apple Wallet etc) to analog (printed receipts, invoices, promotions etc).

Your Skills

You are a perfect fit, if you…

…know your craft

As a designer with several years of digital product design under your belt, you have expertise in information architecture, interaction models and visual design for products and services. You are proficient in Sketch and other design software and always challenge your tools and processes to improve your workflows.

…embrace complexity

Business workflows are diverse and processes are complex. So is designing a business platform. At times, this will drive you nuts. But everything else would be boring for you, wouldn’t it?

…love to iterate and refine

When designing, you go wide and deep. You explore different approaches, but once the direction is set, you make it better and better. And then you might do it all over again. As Fugazi sang “The answer is there, but it’s not a fixed position. It keeps moving along and I keep coming along” (The song is called “Long Distance Runner”, which is what you are when it comes to design).

…work collaboratively

You will not just work with fellow designers, but also product owners, engineers, data scientists and customer care representatives. You always try to understand their point of view and connect to their workflows.

…are curious and eager to learn

You know a lot, but you also know that this isn’t enough. You don’t just want to hone your design skills, but learn about the businesses you are designing for, the technology that brings your design to life and many other aspects that are beyond your competence (and comfort zone).


We are based in beautiful Hamburg. Known for its manifold cultural offerings, its open-minded residents and proximity to rivers and seas, our beloved city always ranks among the top as best place to live in Germany. Situated in a former machine factory with lots of sunlight and plenty of plants, our studio is a serene place within the lively borough Ottensen. We don’t have ping-pong or foosball tables, but enough ceiling height to play badminton!

More Hamburg info:

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You’ll be notified by a human being (most likely Svenja) when we received your application. Then we’ll have a look at your portfolio and if we think you might be a good fit, we’ll arrange an interview with you. This might take a few days. We’ll also let you know if we decide not to invite you for an interview. Thanks for your interest in working with us.